Why do you need Employee Benefits?

When it comes to hiring the right people, you’re looking for the full package, right?
Well, so are they. Gone are the days when potential employees could be wooed with a ‘better than average’ salary or an extra day of annual leave.
Today, if you want to hire the best and retain the best, you need to raise your game with Employee Benefits – non-wage compensations like medical aid, pensions, provident funds, and funeral cover.
It’s a simple case of – you get what you pay for. Build a business that invests in its people’s futures and you’ll build a team that’s invested in the future of your business.
With so many advisors and brokers out there – how do you as a company or your valued members know who to trust. Oracle has over 3 decades in financial planning with over 160 brokers, and this has allowed us to correctly fulfill the needs of all our valued clients whether it is corporate or individual.

***This page is only intended to be a guide and should not be taken as advice. For financial advice about the suitability of any product for your business, please speak to your financial adviser.***

"Give your employees an incentive to stay with you for the long run"

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What does Employee Benefits include?

Medical Aids

Life doesn’t always go according to plan…Whether it’s a couple of stitches, a pricey prescription, visiting an emergency room after hours, or a long, un/expected hospital stay, you cannot afford to not have Medical Aid.

The cost of medical treatment is no joke – it’s expensive. Simply having medical savings isn’t enough. You need adequate cover so that whatever life throws at you, you have access to the necessary funds to cover you and your family when the time comes.

For the Employer, it protects your employees, gives them an incentive to stay with you, and it means not having to loan them money when they find themselves unable to work for whatever medical reason.

Provident and Pension Funds

Saving is hard. Most of us are much better spending than we are at saving for our retirement.

That’s why a Provident or Pension Funds works so well. It’s a forced saving, a defined amount (monthly contribution) that gets deducted and put away before you have a chance to spend it.

There’s only one way to survive your golden years comfortably, and that’s to start paying into a Fund like this as soon as possible.

This fund, accumulates from contributions from employers, employees, or both. Over time a little sum becomes a lump sum, steadily accumulating interest in anticipation of your retirement, whenever that may be.

Funeral Schemes

Death and taxes – the only things certain life, according to Benjamin Franklin.

There’s no getting around it, death is an unfortunate reality for all of us, which is why you need to make provisions for your funeral. A Funeral Scheme is a financial plan put in place to take care of the costs of saying goodbye so that your family and loved ones can focus on actually saying goodbye.

As an employer, it ensures that you do not have to finance employee funerals out of company money.


Nothing can be more stressful than having an employee pass away without a proper will.

This is especially when that employee is leaving behind a family or children. Money in the hands of a minor is often frowned upon as there is no clear way of protecting that child`s inheritance. Ensuring your employees have a valid will in place and kept in safe custody is paramount. As a company, you are doing your bit to protect them.

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